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You have stumbled upon the last vehicle wrap Lubbock shop you will ever search for! We provide the most services out of any other wrap shops in Lubbock. Our highly trained technicians are always honing their skills and consistently outputting top of the line work.

Here at Car Wraps Lubbock we never settle for anything less than perfect and your satisfaction is our number one priority! When it comes to Lubbock car wraps we always lead the pack in affordability, service and friendly customer service. Stop by the shop today to see some of our premium services!

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About Our Vinyl Wrap Lubbock TX Shop

We have the highest quality auto wrap Lubbock has to offer! We have a large staff of professional technicians that are highly trained and prepared for any job that comes through our door. We also have a number of designers that have worked with dozens of design styles to help our customers through their wraps. We also value the customer's satisfaction and strive to provide the best car wraps in Lubbock. Our shop operates under 3 fundamental standards that have allowed us to be successful and help so many people. Those include:

  1. We treat every customer like family. This means exemplary customer service for every transaction. We want this process to be as stress free as possible!
  2. Our car wraps Lubbock pricing is very competitive. We have included a wide variety of services that will fit anyone’s budget.
  3. We properly train all of our technicians. Their skills are constantly tested day to day and they consistently outperform our customers expectations.

We have found great success in always putting the customer first and ensuring all of their vinyl wrap car needs are met. If you want to find out the quality of car vinyl Lubbock and the surrounding cities have been receiving for many years, call Car Wraps Lubbock today!

Why Choose Our Lubbock Car Wraps?

Our customers are constantly letting us know that we have the best vehicle wrap Lubbock. Customers return to our shop for the premium materials we use, affordable and timely installation and meticulously installed vinyl wrap. We strive to provide a hassle free process each time you come in.

We want to prove to you that you never need to search for “vehicle wraps near me” ever again! When it comes to serving Lubbock and the surrounding areas with a vinyl car wrap no company can compare to the wide variety of services we provide. If you are considering a vehicle vinyl wrap anytime soon, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free estimate or any questions you have. We look forward to working with you!

What To Expect From Our Car Wraps Lubbock TX Shop

Here at Car Wraps Lubbock we have very high shop standards when it comes to product output. We never say the phrase “good enough” on any of our customer’s vehicles. When you come to our shop you can always expect friendly service, affordable prices and high quality installation. We have outline our stress free transaction below to give you an idea of what the process is like at our shop:

  • You contact us through one of our many outlets and request a quote.
  • We determine an estimated cost for the project and reach out to you for any other questions.
  • Once both parties agree on the price and work to be done, we get started!
  • The prep of the vehicle takes some time. We need to ensure there are no abnormalities on the surface of your car that would cause air pockets or seams.
  • Our professional technicians use top of the line tools to meticulously install your wrap or graphics.
  • We give you a call to come check out your new whip.
  • You leave a happy customer!

We tried to make purchasing vinyl wrap Lubbock as easy and hassle free as possible. We have a number of very knowledgeable staff standing by to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today and they will work with you to get a free quote!

Our Services

We have vehicle wraps, camo car wraps, black chrome wraps, chrome wraps, carbon fiber wraps and many many more! We have the most services out of any other vehicle wrap shop in the area. Our professional technicians are well trained in all of the cutting edge vinyl wrap technology and prepared for any service you need. If there is a service you do not see or have questions about a service listed please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to serving you!

lubbock car paint protection film

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is our most requested service. Many people cherish their vehicles and want them to stand the tests of time. A paint protection film is a transparent film that drapes across sections or the entirety of your vehicle. This film helps prevent scuffs, dings, dents and anything that could damage your paint. Many other Lubbock wrap shops do not provide this service but we are proud to be one of the few because we are able to help so many people keep their rides looking silky smooth!

lubbock car wrap color change

Vinyl Color Change

Vinyl color change is an up and coming car color wrap. We have a variety of different options to choose from. Some of those include the typical chameleon color change wrap that gives off a radiance of different colors. We have quite a few different color options for this style. We also offer temperature activated color change wrap so the next time you’re stuck in traffic during a rainstorm you can show off that sweet color changing vinyl. When you need “car wrap near me,” that you can count on, call Car Wraps Lubbock!

lubbock custom car wrapping

Custom Wrap Design

We have a number of professional designers ready and eager to help you design your next custom wrap. They have experience with car advertising wraps, custom car wraps graphics and everything in between. If you have a design picked out or a company logo already established, no problem! Our industrial printers are prepared to handle any task you throw its way. For the best custom car wraps Lubbock has to offer, call us today!

lubbock commercial wraps

Commercial Wraps

Our shop specializes in a variety of services and we pride ourselves in the ability to provide high quality 3M wrap for every occasion. We have worked with a number of companies in the area to provide truck and car signage for their commercial line of vehicles. Our professional technicians have the proficiencies to make your first car look as perfect as the 12th car we wrap. If you want a car wrap cost that is more affordable than any other shop give Car Wraps Lubbock a call today!

Car Wraps

We have a full line of mono and polychromatic car wraps. Sometimes the color of your car just gets old, we get that! Whether you just want a bit of change or your paint has seen better days, we are here to serve you. When your friends ask you “where can I get a car wrap near me?!” You already know the best shop in town, Car Wraps Lubbock!

Truck Wraps

We have 3M vinyl wrap for any vehicle, including trucks! We have provided high quality graphics and full mono or polychromatic wraps for every size truck from an S10 to a Peterbilt! Our technicians are well versed when it comes to wrapping trucks. We provide them with all the proper tools to be able to get the job done. The next time you need “auto wrap near me” give us a call for a free estimate.

Van Wraps

We have provided 3M car wrap for hundreds of cars over the years. We have also worked on quite a few vans too! Their large and mostly flat side walls make the perfect candidate for displaying your company’s logo or plastering on some fresh graphics. Our car wrap prices are very affordable and this translates to vans too. Whether you need a fleet of commercial vans wrapped with your logo or you just want to transform your van into the mystery machine, we can do it all.

Boat Wraps

With all of the services that we provide we have started adding boats into our service pool. Many boats could benefit from paint protection film to make cleaning much easier and to help prevent algae build up. Not only that, we have precision vinyl cutting machines for all kinds of different lettering so you can proudly display your boat's name.

Bus Wraps

We have worked with a few companies to provide custom graphics and contravision displays across their busses. With their large framework and plenty of surface area to cover, busses are mobile billboards that can make you money. Our Lubbock car wrap cost a fraction of the other guys so count on us to provide you with all your bus wrapping needs.

Trailer Wraps

Often forgotten in the wrap world by other companies are trailers. We will wrap any vehicle or towed trailer there is. We can transform your enclosed construction trailer into a showcase of your businesses logo and what you stand for. Or maybe your travel trailer has seen better days and needs a little pick me up. Either way, the professional technicians at Car Wraps Lubbock are here for you! Searching “vinyl wrap near me” is a thing of the past.

Our Packages

One Way Vision (Contravision)

Our contravision package is the ultimate tool to turn boring slates of glass into beautifully crafted logos or graphics. With this technology you have the ability to display your advertisement or logo on the front side of car, truck or bus windows and not impede the view from people on the inside. We have worked with a number of companies in the area to provide this service and have heard nothing but positive feedback from the results!

Basic Spot Graphics

The basic spot package is our budget package that allows you to drop a couple logos on your vehicle. When people need a “vinyl wrap car near me” they count on us to help wrap their vehicle with graphics. We have a line of professional designers that can assist with the design of your graphics or feel free to bring in your own.

Spot Graphics

Our spot graphics package goes a little further than the basic package. You can cover a bit more coverage on your car for a slightly higher cost. This allows you to get more detailed with your logo or graphics and not be limited to size.This package is great for those ornate graphics or when you need to really display the quality of your logo.

Partial Wraps

The partial wraps service extends much further than the spot graphics. You are able to get very creative with this package and cover a good amount of your vehicle. Many other customers use this package to cover entire doors, hoods or even truck beds. With this package you are not limited by size or detail so you are only limited by your imagination!

Full Wraps

Our full wraps package is just that, a full wrap! This could include paint protection film, monochromatic color wrap, polychromatic color wrap or one of our other premium wrapping services. This is a way to truly transform your car into something unique! But why stop there, you have a vehicle that is a blank canvas. We can work with you to provide a full custom graphics wrap with your company logo or just a custom design.

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Lubbock is a relatively small city with just over 300,000 residents. Lubbock was nicknamed “Hub City” for its extensive and diverse economic, health care and educational contributions to the state of Texas. Lubbock Texas is also home to the 6th largest college in the nation, Texas Tech University. This diverse college town brings in people from all walks of life and offers many desirable attractions to keep you here. The most notable points of interest in Lubbock would be the Joyland Amusement Park and the National Ranching Heritage Center including a number of outdoor activities for all ages. Some of the nearby cities include:

  • Wolfforth, TX
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  • Idalou, TX
  • New Deal, TX
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  • Many more surrounding areas

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wrap my car myself?

It is possible, but very difficult. We recommend bringing your car into the shop because it is a meticulous task to properly install a vinyl wrap.

How much do vehicle wraps cost?

We have a wide range of services that can apply to any type of budget. Our prices range anywhere from $100-$1000+.

Is it worth it to wrap your car?

If you value the look of your vehicle or just purchased a new car, absolutely! A vehicle wrap is also a very affordable alternative to a new paint job which could run you upwards of $10,000.

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I searched all over town for a wrap and the prices were wild. I finally found this shop and they were willing to work within my budget. Great shop!

Branden K.

I felt bad callin so much but they really jumped at any opportunity to help me out. It was real great working with them.

Richie H.

I have had my work rigs wrapped from quite a few shops over the years and these guys were by far the highest quality. I can tell these graphics are going to last a looooong time!

Carson W.

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When it comes to vehicle wraps Lubbock TX, no other shops can compare. We provide high quality car vinyl at affordable prices. We do our best to stay on top of the market and ensure our professionally technicians are trained and up to date on all the latest vinyl technologies available.

Here at Car Wraps Lubbock the customer's satisfaction is always our number one priority. If you anticipate you will need a vehicle wrap anytime soon we recommend you reach out for an estimate because our schedules are quickly filling up! For the best vinyl wrap Lubbock has to offer, call today!


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